People stand at the heart of business strategy and execution, and the management of talents has become the burning issue of business leaders.

We think the traditional Search firms “one size fits all” transactional model provides only a limited answer to the growing scarcity of key skills and key people.

We believe key executives now ask for advisors that are quick on their feet and have a global take on all their talent issues, both internal and external, equally dealing with acquisition, development and retention.

Our role, simply put, is to reveal talents.

How we work

At RTA, we do not oppose Senior Consultants -in charge of business development and client relationship- with junior researchers actually doing the search. We believe our credibility lies in knowing both sides. Thus:

  • Senior consultants do all their own work. Research, candidate relationship, client relationship.
  • All missions are followed by two consultants: one leading the project, one support.

We are a niche player, and our model has little leverage. But we intimately know our markets, candidates and clients.

What we do

Our client services can take the following forms :

Cx0 level

  • Executive Search,
  • Confidential Market mapping,
  • Top management “stress test” (benchmarking the internal candidates with the best in the market),
  • Succession Planning,

Enterprise level

  • Audit & Advisory,
  • Benchmarks (compensation & organization),
  • “Route to the top” best pratice analysis,
  • Talent funnel (on a yearly basis, a dynamic market survey for new talents in specific positions, presented on a rolling basis),
  • “Counter-factual” shortlist (audit of the current skill sets in your organization versus the business challenges & the talent market).

What we believe in

We believe...

  • in being small and global,
  • our core business and only assets are client relationships,
  • candidates are also our clients,
  • talent advisory goes beyond search,
  • a discussion about talent is a discussion about business strategy,
  • in working for a limited number of selected clients,
  • in acting as career advisors to our candidates.


The remora fish is a short and not particularly pretty fish, but also a fearless and rather nimble one.

It attaches itself to large sharks, rays and whales, and much like the pilot fish, has a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with its host.

West Indies aborigines called the remoras their “hunting fishes”. They used them by attaching a line to their tails; the remora would swim off and attach itself to a large fish or sea turtle, which would then be pulled in by the fishermen.

Remora is named after the remora fish because we think a small fish can help much bigger ones, provided it is agile and smart.

The fact we love scuba diving also helped, as did the symbolism in Chinese (the character for fish, yu, is pronounced the same as the character for “abundance”).



Paul has 15 years of search experience, gained at top executive level with Heidrick & Struggles and for a boutique search firm in Paris.

Paul has demonstrable expertise in Luxury / Retail, and in the Insurance sector, serving major international clients. He also addresses Digital transformation and Omnichannel talent issues for his clients.

Most of Paul’s work on top executive searches has been done on global assignments. Addressing a global talent pool, he has placed candidates in the Middle-East, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Argentina, etc. He has an extensive personal international experience, having lived for 15 years in Asia and the Middle East.

Paul graduated from Dauphine University and from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires. He is trilingual in French, English and Spanish.


Caroline VILLA

A French Parisian based in London for more than 15 years, Caroline has an extensive background in marketing, CRM, digital and e-commerce. Caroline held various senior positions at Ralph Lauren and Net-a-Porter, as well as with retail & online family businesses, where her scope also included partnerships, social media, brand content and visual merchandising.

Prior to that, she was a consultant at McKinsey & Co in Paris and a commercial manager at BskyB.

Caroline specializes in marketing and digital executive positions in London and Paris and brings a strong operational knowledge to her assignments for online, retail businesses and consumer industries. She also carries out consulting missions related to talent management and HR organizational effectiveness.

Caroline graduated from HEC Paris (H.00) and is bilingual in English and French.



Simon has 20 years of search experience, gained at top executive level (including 5 years for Heidrick & Struggles) and for boutique search firms. He also created and managed Vaience in the early 2000s (a search firm based in the Silicon Valley and dedicated to blue chip US companies). His main focus has always been on Digital and Technology, and he works mostly for Venture Capital Funds and fast-growing digital or software companies.

Prior to his search experience, Simon worked several years for an international media agency, NOA, for long term assignments in Africa (Ethiopia, Angola and Tanzania), South America (Argentina and Mexico), Kazakhstan, etc.

Simon graduated from IEP Paris, Dauphine University, and Cambridge University (MPhil in International Economics, with a Foreign Office Jean Monnet scholarship). He is bilingual in French and English.


Olivier de GUENYVEAU

Olivier has 7 years of search experience gained in Heidrick & Struggles’ Paris office, and then as a freelance consultant. His main focus in on the French Tech and his current work also involves serving Private Equity firms on their portfolio critical recruitments.

Prior to joining Heidrick & Struggles, Olivier was a Senior Financial Auditor at Mazars.

He has a solid knowledge of South-East Asia, having lived in Cambodia and travelled extensively in the region.

Olivier holds a Master's degree from the Audencia Management School in Nantes, France. He also studied Venture Capital at the Fisher College of Business of Ohio State University.

Olivier is fluent in English and French.


Sébastien SANZ

Sébastien brings 15 years in search experience gained with two boutique search firms he created and managed (Vaience, based in Silicon Valley and Ayova, based in Madrid). His main focus has always been on Technology, Telecomunications and fast-growing digital companies. He has a very strong knowledge of the Spanish ecosystem as he has been living in Madrid for many years. Prior to his search experience he worked for Altran as a Business Director in France and Spain, and as a Senior Management Consultant for long term assignments in Orange Spain.

Sébastien is a graduate from Toulouse Business School (France) and Ecole Centrale Paris (France). He is bilingual in French and Spanish, and speaks fluent English.

The rta search methodology


Remora has partnered with the Choiseul Institute and Le Figaro Magazine since 2014 to publish the yearly study “Choiseul 100; the economic leaders for tomorrow”, a ranking of the top 100 French business leaders under 40 years old. We drafted the methodology, thanks to some previous work for the “Forum of Young Global Leaders”, and we assist the assessment process.

The full editions can be found here : Choiseul 100 or directly on

Other contributions include ;


雷莫拉人才咨询公司是一家致力于为国际企业提供高级人才及相关咨询服务的专业猎头公司. 作为猎头顾问,我们帮助委托企业在市场上物色和吸引优秀的职业人才.


雷莫拉人才咨询公司是由都具有国际顶级猎头经验的西蒙-马儒来先生 (Simon Majoulet) 和保罗-波洛里尼先生(Paul Bellorini) 携手创立.

公司采用从知名猎头公司学来的业内一流的咨询方法,如海德思哲国际咨询公司(Heidrick & Struggles),并兼有小公司的灵活性, 驱动性和有效性.




我们公司注册成立于香港,并在该市开展经营活动,业务伙伴遍及上海,北京和新加坡. 公司总部设在巴黎.